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Quookers are being fitted in existing kitchens more and more often. No more waiting for water to boil - hot, cold and boiling water are always to hand. You can find more information about the Quooker boiling water tap on this page. Tap on the work surface, tank in the cabinet below.

The benefits of a Quooker


- you draw exactly the amount of boiling water you really need.
- you no longer have energy and water losses due to long pipes.
- the Quooker COMBI(+) uses 50 per cent less energy than a kitchen boiler because of its
patented system of high-vacuum insulation. This will save you dozens of dirhams on an annual basis.


- you never have to wait for boiling water again.
- the Quooker COMBI(+) means you have instant hot water from the mixer tap


- a Quooker COMBI(+) is half the size of an average kitchen boiler
- the Quooker helps keep the counter top clear: kettle and coffee percolator are no longer needed.


It's the question we get asked most often at Quooker. Our answer: a Quooker is the
safest choice for any situation, because a Quooker has:

- a child-resistant (double) push/turn control knob.
- a double-walled spout so it does not get too hot to hold.
- a teardrop-shaped, non-solid jet of water that does not cause burns.
- a height-adjustable tap whose spout can be placed just above the object to be filled
so that it does not splash (Nordic single tap).
- the possibility of low water temperatures with no risk of legionella (COMBI(+).


- the Quooker is a Dutch invention and is also manufactured in the Netherlands.
- the COMBI has a patented dual function.
- the Quooker features high-vacuum insulation, making it very compact and energy-efficient.
This insulation principle has also been patented.
- the Quooker tank is made of stainless steel (rather than copper, steel or plastic) and it is
therefore hygienic, easy to recycle and sustainable.


Boiling water tank

The PRO3 supplies 3 litres of boiling water and can be used when there is no kitchen boiler in the cupboard and you don’t want to wait long for hot tap water.

If there is only a cold water pipe, the COMBI is the most suitable. It delivers not only boiling water but also 15 litres of hot water (at 60°C) and so it has a dual function.

If there are cold and hot water pipes and the pipe length to the hot water source is more than 6 metres, the COMBI(+) can be used. The COMBI(+) supplies hot water (via the mixing valve) in addition to boiling water until the hot water from the pipe has reached the right temperature.

The standby power consumption of all tanks is 5 cents per day. Quooker COMBI(+) reservoirs are rated at energy label A. Click here to compare all the specifications of the tanks.

Chilled water tank

With the Quooker CUBE, you now also get cool sparkling and filtered water from the Quooker tap as well as hot, cold and boiling water.

The CUBE is fitted at the bottom of your kitchen cabinet next to the Quooker tank. It contains a filter that purifies the water. Attached to the CUBE is a CO2 cylinder, a carbon dioxide bottle, that lets you draw up to 420 litres of cold sparkling water from your Quooker tap. So you get everything from one tap: boiling, hot, cold, chilled and sparkling water. Read more about the CUBE here.

Which tank suits me?

Instruction video's

If you’re looking for more information about how to install a Quooker system, we have put together several instructional videos explaining step-by-step how to install a Quooker. 


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