Our renewed CUBE

Chilled and sparkling water straight from the tap The Quooker is only complete with a CUBE. With this, a Quooker tap not only supplies cold, hot, and boiling water, but also chilled and sparkling water. All from one tap. The updated CUBE offers a host of new advantages.

  • Interactive display interface
  • Higher volume of water below 10 degrees.
  • Higher chilled water flow
  • Faster recovery time
  • Less heat dispatched inside the kitchen cabinet
  • Lower standby electricity usage
  • More compact with a height of 500mm and a diameter of 153mm
  • Lighter: weighs only 12kg
  • Internal filter has been removed (external inline cold water filters remains when selected)
  • You can choose from two effervescence levels, the same strength as the current CUBE and a softer level with fewer bubbles

Technische verbeteringen

De CUBE wordt aangesloten op de koudwaterleiding en de Quooker-kraan. Onderstaand installatie-overzicht is van een Flex kraan met COMBI+ reservoir. In de documentatie downloadt je ook de installatie-overzichten met een PRO3-reservoir en COMBI-reservoir.

  • Het reservoir werkt op 220-240 V
  • De CUBE heeft een lager stand-by verbruik van circa 5 W.
  • De CUBE koelt efficiënter waardoor de CUBE minder warmte afgeeft.
  • De afkoeltijd is verminderd naar circa 30 minuten.

Technical specifications

Voltage220 - 240 V
Power100 W
Stand-by power consumption5 W
Chilling time30 min
Tank height500 mm
Tank diameter153 mm
Tank depth270 mm
Min. mains pressure200 kPa (2 bar)
Recommended pressure200-400 kPa (2-4 bar)
Flow rate (litres/min)2 litres/min. for sparkling water
Flow rate (litres/min)2.4 litres/ min of chilled water


The price of the renewed CUBE will remain 7400 AED.