Verbena apricots with vanilla honey yogurt and cantuccini


3 bags of verbena tea, or 3-4 tbsp. of dried verbena
120 gr. sugar
225 gr. large semi-dried apricots
250 g thick Greek yogurt
zest of 1 (organic) orange
seeds of half a vanilla bean or half a teaspoon of vanilla extract
2 tbsp. honey (or more / less to taste)
4-8 cantuccini (Italian cookies)
leaves of 2 sprigs of mint


Fill the teapot with 500 ml. boiling water. Add the verbena (tea) and leave for about 20 minutes. Remove the bags or the loose verbena.

Put the tea in a pan together with the sugar and apricots and put on the heat. Cook covered on low heat for 20 minutes or until the apricots are soft.

Divide the apricots into 4 trays or plates and let cool. Continue boiling the tea for about 6 minutes to a thin syrup.

Meanwhile, mix the yogurt with the orange zest, vanilla and honey. Serve the yoghurt and a cookie with the apricots and decorate with mint.