Real estate projects

A modern kitchen has a Quooker. Whether that kitchen is in an owner-occupied or rented house makes no difference: after all, the level of finishing that residents expect is the same. A rental property with a Quooker is attractive and is perceived very positively by tenants (landlords: note). That’s why the boiling water tap is rapidly advancing in the project market.

More value for homes

Numerous questions can arise when considering installing Quookers in kitchens in the project market. Which Quooker do you choose for your tenants? What are the fixed and variable costs? What about the energy consumption of a Quooker? What about installation, maintenance and service? Quooker offers targeted service and guidance for the project market. Our real estate projects account manager will assist you every step of the way.

A sustainable choice

Quooker's boiling water taps are durable products that last a long time. Not only is the product itself sustainable, but Quooker also actively pursues sustainability in all areas, paying attention to people and the environment.

No worries about service and warranty

Once the Quooker is installed, you hardly have to worry about it. The tap filter (the aerator) will need descaling every now and then. Your tenant can easily do this themselves. Just unscrew the sleeve at the end of the spout, soak the aerator in cleaning vinegar for an hour and rinse off the limescale.


If you want more information about what Quooker can do in your projects or do you have questions about service and maintenance, please contact us.

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