There is little to no water coming out of my tap when I try to dispense chilled water, what should I do? CUBE / Chiller

During the hot summer months in the UAE, your chiller has to work very hard to reduce the temperature of the incoming water by 15 degrees. This is because the incoming water is very hot.

- Ever tried to open the cold water in your shower during UAE summers? It was probably very warm, if not even hot - 

As a result of this hard work, it might happen that the icebank inside your chiller freezes. The icebank is the element inside your chiller through which your water has to run in order to get chilled.

When the icebank inside your chiller is frozen, little to no water will be able to go through the icebank. This will result in little to no water coming out of your tap when you try to dispense chilled water.

  • In case you have a chiller that can dispense sparkling water too, there will also be little to no sparkling water coming out of your tap. 

  • In case you have a CUBE, sparkling water will still be coming out of your tap

In order to solve this, you will need to defrost the icebank inside your chiller. Instrcutions on how to do this can be found below.

1. Switch off the chiller and unplug it from the electrical socket for 4 hours, leaving time for the icebank to defrost

2. Plug in the chiller to the electrical socket and switch it on again (after 4 hours)

3. Try to activate the chilled water. Everything should be back to normal now.

From the description above, you can conclude that it isn't abnormal for you icebank to freeze once in a while during UAE summers. However, if this is happening frequently or during the colder weather, there is probably a problem with the ventilation of your chiller.

Therefore it is always advisable to make sure your chiller has enough ventilation. In order to achieve this, we advise all our clients to make sure that there is a free space of 10cm all around their chiller. If needed, additional ventilation grills will have to be forseen in the cabinet front.


* It is less common, though the same is applicable in case you have a CUBE instead of a chiller.