There's a sound and light alarm going off at my CUBE, what should I do? CUBE / Chiller

12 months after the installation of your CUBE / after your last CUBE filter replacement, your CUBE will be beeping and flashing. This is an alarm to let you know that your CUBE is due for its CUBE filter replacement. 

This alarm will only go off when you dispense chilled / sparkling water, and will stop again after a couple of minutes.

You can snooze the alarm for 72 hours, giving you time to order a new CUBE filter from the Quooker webshop. In order to do so, briefly press the red illuminated button under the sliding panel on top of your CUBE.

Snooze CUBE alarm

As all Quooker systems in the UAE are installed together with a cold water filter (which should be replaced every 6 (for commercial clients) or 12 months (for residential clients)), this alarm is also a good reminder for you to replace your cold water filter.

Both the CUBE filter and cold water filter can be ordered from our webshop, using this link. Once you have placed your webshop order, the Quooker service team will contact you within 1-2 business days to schedule a visit for the filter replacement. During this visit our technician will also reset your CUBE alarm, making sure it will only go off again in 12 months, when both your cold water filter and CUBE filter will be due for replacement again.