My Quooker tap is not producing any boiling water, what should I do? Troubleshooting

Do you have a Quooker Flex tap (the one with a flexible hose coming out of the tap spout)?

The Quooker Flex tap is fitted with a safety cutoff switch, that stops boiling water from being dispensed when the flexible hose is pulled out.

To dispense boiling water, please ensure that the flexible hose is fully retraced into the tap spout.


You don't have a Quooker Flex tap and/or the issue is not resolved by making sure the hose is fully retracted?

Check the lights on your Quooker tap and tank. If the light on the tap/tank is blinking, please refer to the following troubleshooting section: The light on my tap/tank is blinking, what should I do?


If the light on your tank is off, try to switch on the Quooker tank. Instructions on how to switch on your Quooker tank can be found here: How do is switch my Quooker on and off?


If the lights still do not come on, unplug the Quooker tank from the power socket and check if the power socket is working, by plugging in another appliance.

  • If the power socket is working fine, please change the fuse in your Quooker's plug, plug it back in and try switching on the Quooker tank again.
  • If the power socket is not working, it might be that electricity for your Quooker is coming from the power socket for the dishwasher. Kindly check if the power switch for the dishwasher is switched on and try to switch on the Quooker tank again.
  • If the power socket is not working (and is not linked to the dishwasher switch or switching on this switch does not resolve your problem) there is also a chance that there might be a problem with the power socket itself, or with the general electrical supply in your house. If so, kindly contact an electrician to solve this issue.


After running through the above-mentioned steps the failure you were facing before should now be resolved. If this would not be the case, contact the Quooker Service Desk at (UAE customers only). UK Cusomers, please email or visit the UK Quooker website for further helpv -

When contacting the Quooker Service Desk, please mention the solutions you tried but didn't solve your problem. In case your tap/tank is blinking, kindly also mention the blinking pattern (different types of blinking patterns can be found here) or attach a video of the blinking to your email.