I am experiencing a low flow from my Quooker tap, what should I do? Troubleshooting

A low flow from your Quooker tap might be a result of several possible issues.

In order to understand the source of the problem, a first thing to check is the pressure of the unfiltered (hot) water and filtered (cold) water.

Low flow from unfiltered (hot) water

If the pressure of the unfiltered (hot) water is low, the problem is not with your Quooker but with the general water pressure in your house. Your water pump (pumping water from the water tank into your house) might be damaged or broken, or there might be another external issue affecting the water pressure coming into your home. In this case, it is best to contact a general maintenance company to look into this issue.

Normal flow from unfiltered (hot) water + low, but steady flow from filtered (cold) water

It is important to know that there is a slight difference in pressure between the filtered (cold) and unfiltered (hot) water coming out of your Quooker tap. As the filtered (cold) water is running through the cold water filter before coming out of your tap, it is normal that the flow of this type of water is a little bit less compared to the flow of the unfiltered (hot) water. If you are only refering to this slight difference, and if the cold water is coming out with a steady stream, you can be assured that this is normal and no further action is needed.

Normal flow from unfiltered (hot) water + low flow from filtered (cold) water

In some cases the pressure of the filtered (cold) water can be significantly lower than the pressure of the unfiltered (hot) water. The filtered (cold) water will not have a steady flow and you will experience this as being a problem.

If this is the case, your cold water filter is blocked, obstructing water to go through and therefore reducing the water flow . This problem can be solved by replacing your cold water filter. In order to do so, order a new cold water filter through this link. Within 1-2 business days, the Quooker Service Team will contact you to schedule an appointment for the replacement.

In case you have only recently replaced your cold water filter, the amount of particles in your water is abnormally high. Your cold water filter is doing it's work perfectly, however because of the high instream of dirt, it is getting full faster than the average. We advise you to contact your landlord, your maintenance company, DEWA,... to find out where the dirt is coming from before replacing your cold water filter.