How to perform a soft reset on my Quooker system? Troubleshooting

1. Switch off your Quooker tank, by pressing the leg of the big red Q on top of your tank. On top of this, unplug the tank from the electrical supply. 

2. Wait for 30 seconds, plug your Quooker tank back into the power socket and press the leg of the Q-shaped button on top of the tank to switch it back on. A solid red light should appear on your tap and tank. This is to indicate that the water inside the Quooker tank is being warmed up to boiling temperature.

3. Wait for about 10-20 minutes until the solid red light goes off. The tap should not have any light right now, while the tank will show a slow fading pulse, which we refer to as the "heartbeat" of the Quooker.

4. Try to activate the boiling water at your tap. Boiling water should come out.


The failure you were facing before, should now be resolved. If this would not be the case, try performing a hard reset. Instructions on how to perform a hard reset on your system can be found under the troubleshooting section: How to perform a hard reset on my Quooker system?