How to perform a hard reset on my Quooker system? (United Arab Emirates customers) Troubleshooting

1. Switch off your Quooker tank, by pressing the leg of the big red Q on top of your tank. On top of this, unplug the tank from the electrical supply. 

2. Depending on your setup, there will be either 1 or 2 LED cable(s) connected to the back of your tank. Unplug this (both) cable(s) from the tank, wipe the tip of the cable(s) with a clean, dry cloth and plug it / them back in to your Quooker tank.

Dont be afraid to replug the LED cables to the wrong jack, as both of them can be plugged in either of them.

3. Activate the boiling water on your tap, and let it run until no more water is coming out (you are now emptying your Quooker tank). With a PRO3 this will take roughly 3 minutes, while for a PRO7 or COMBI tank this will take roughly 7 minutes.

4. Leave your Quooker tank switched off for another 15 minutes before plugging it in and switching it on again (by pressing the leg of the Q-shaped button on top of the tank). A solid red light should appear on the tap and tank. This is to indicate that the water inside the Quooker tank is being warmed up to boiling temperature.

5. Wait for about 10-20 minutes until the solid red light goes off. The tap should not have any light right now, while the tank will show a slow fading pulse, which we refer to as the "heartbeat" of the Quooker.

6. Try to activate the boiling water at your tap. Boiling water should come out.


The failure you were facing before, should now be resolved. If this would not be the case, contact the Quooker Service Team at (UAE customers only) if you are located in the UK, please email - you are current on the UAE website, for further details, please visit

When contacting the Quooker Service Team, please mention the blinking pattern of your Quooker system (different types of blinking patterns can be found here) and inform them about the fact that a soft and hard reset were conducted but didn’t solve the problem.