Kitchen retailers

Today’s boiling water tap is no longer a luxury product, but an essential component in the kitchen. A kitchen is no longer complete without a Quooker tap. We will be happy to support you as a kitchen dealer selling Quooker systems through product information, images, technical drawings, service, advice and sales support materials.

Seven reasons to buy a Quooker

What are the main reasons for a consumer to purchase a Quooker?

  1. Instant 100˚C boiling, cool sparkling and filtered water
  2. Multi-purpose
  3. 100% safe
  4. Uses water and energy efficiently
  5. Optimum water quality
  6. Space-saving
  7. Sustainable

More space in the sink cabinet

Installing a Quooker system takes up space in your sink cabinet. If you install a Quooker with CUBE, it obviously takes even more space. What is the best way to fit a Quooker in the kitchen cabinet and leave as much space as possible? We are happy to explain it to you. Creating space starts with the kitchen layout. Download the PDF below and use the pipework recommendations when drawing it in.

Augmented reality

With Quooker augmented reality, you can present our taps to your customers in a fun and easy way. You simply select a tap and place it wherever you want. This could be, for example, in a demo kitchen in the showroom, or on the table where you put together the kitchen with the customer.

Scan the QR code or go to and see Quooker taps in augmented reality.

A functioning Quooker in your showroom

The best way to convince a customer to buy a Quooker is to demonstrate one. If you don’t yet have a working Quooker (with CUBE) in your showroom, contact your Quooker account manager. We’ll be happy to make you an attractive offer.


If you and your sales and/or installation team would like to know all about Quooker, contact your account manager. We will be happy to invite you to the Quooker Academy in Ridderkerk for a tour of our factory combined with practical sales or installation training. 


Get to know the account team

Heb je vragen? Neem dan contact op met je Quooker accountmanager. Wij helpen je graag.

Sales Director
Albert Groenhout       

Sales Manager KRT
Sjaak Smit       


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