Installation Requirements

Please see below the requirements to install a Quooker system: 

  • Countertop, sink and backsplash should be installed
  • We require a 35mm for the tap (Flex, Fusion and Nordic Mixer), if you are purchasing a Soap dispenser we will require an addtional 25mm hole. 
  • Sink drainage system should be installed and free of leaks
  • Access to hot and cold water via angle valves should already be installed and working - These services must be within 500mm of intended install location below worktop height and fully accessible.
  • 13 amp power socket( 2 x 13 amp if a CUBE is included) waste, hot and cold water supply-  These services must be within 500mm of intended install location below worktop height and fully accessible.
  • The minimum hot and cold water pressure required is 2 bar. COMBI tanks only require a cold water supply.

Prior to booking the installation, we would require to receive 2 images that will allow us to forsee any possible delays and therefore confirm that the kitchen is ready for the Quooker installation. The images should be able to show the following:

Image 1 -  full overview of the inside of the cabinet where power socket, drainage and angle valves are visible
Image 2 - full overview of the sink where the tap hole is visible

If the criteria above have not been met on the arrival of the engineer, a return visit may be required which will be charged to the ordering party at cost of AED 150 inc. VAT and a new appoitment should be booked via our Service Desk ( and next appoitment slot will be subject to availability. 

Full installation manual with further information and installation overview can be found on our Downloads page

Provided that you meet the installation requirements above and you are purchasing the installation from Quooker Emirates, we require  in average , 3-4 working days notice to schedule installation (subjected to availability).

Please note the following:

If a risk assessment or method statement (RAMS) and/or an access pass are required for us to work on site, please let us know immediately so we can arrange this before the engineer arrives to avoid delays or reschuling installations. 

  • The Quooker PRO3 tank requires 480mm of height space and is 150mm in diameter. The tank is a cylinder.
  • The Quooker PRO7 and Combi tanks require 550mm of height space and are 200mm in diameter. They are both cylinders.
  • The CUBE system requires a 430mm in height, 230mm in width, 440mm in depth.
  • The CO2 Cylidner requires 600mm of height and 110mm diammeter. 
  • The water filters requires a space of 550mm of height, 110mm of witdh and 300mm of depth.
  • If you have specified a Flex tap please note that we require at least 500mm deep x 200mm wide space below the tap position under the worktop in the cupboard. This is required to allow the weight that operates the Flex hose to move freely up and down. If it becomes restricted it will not operate as intended.

If you have purchased a Quooker CUBE, it can only be installed in cabinets.