The tap that does it all

A Quooker is pure convenience. It provides 100ºC boiling, cold, chilled still and even chilled sparkling water directly from the tap and all filtered.

Discover the benefits

Nothing wrong with the good old electric kettle or whistling kettle. But when you list all the advantages of the Quooker, there's no competition. This is why a Quooker adds so much to your household.

Which tap suits you best?

Choose between our different taps and finishes with various options of filtered drinking water.

How it works

The Quooker system consists of a boiling water-tap on the worktop connected to a small tank in the kitchen cupboard. The water in the Quooker tank is heated to a temperature of 108°C. Consequently it is well boiled. This ensures that all bacteria are removed and it reduces the calcium level which helps, for example, to bring out the taste of tea. When you turn on the tap, the water cools off a bit so that it is still truly 100°C boiling when it flows from the tap. 

Chilled still and sparkling water

Quooker has also developed a system for chilled still and sparkling water: the Quooker CUBE. This is an extra tank that is installed beside the boiling water tank in your kitchen cupboard. The CUBE contains a Hollow Fibre filter that purifies the water. A CO₂ cylinder connected to the CUBE will provide approximatley 500 litres of chilled sparkling water.

Find a dealer

Do you want to experience the convenience of a Quooker? Visit one of our selected dealers for a demonstration.