Have you chosen a Quooker tap? All you need to do now is choose your finish. There are six options in all: chrome, stainless steel, black, gold, patinated brass and polished nickel. But not every finish is available for each tap.

Choose a finish

Chrome and stainless steel are timeless finishes, suit any kitchen and are available for all Quooker taps. If you've chosen a Fusion or a Flex, you can also opt for black or gold. Black is as cool and distinctive as it is elegant and stylish. And a gold tap is a showpiece on your worktop.

Do you want your tap to get more character as time goes by? If so, choose a patinated brass Fusion. The taps from the Classic series are only available in polished nickel for a lovely classic look.


Dark colours in the kitchen are becoming increasingly popular. From dark blue and green to evocative black and every shade of grey in between. A black Quooker tap fits perfectly in that picture.


The boiling-water tap is coated with a layer of 24 carat gold and is as stylish as it is practical. A true icon.

Patinated brass

The Fusion and Classic Fusion taps in patinated brass are like a fine wine: give them the time to mature and they just keep getting more and more beautiful. The perfect accessory to make a unique, individual mark in your kitchen.