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Choose a finish

Have you chosen a Quooker tap? All you need to do now is choose your finish. There are 7 options in all: chrome, stainless steel, black, gold, patinated brass, gunmetal and rose copper. But not every finish is available for each tap.

Chrome and stainless steel are timeless finishes. They fit any kitchen and are available for all Quooker taps. Have you chosen a Flex or Front mixer? Then there is much more to choose from. Black makes a powerful statement in the kitchen. Or go for one of Quooker's latest finishes, such as the warm rose copper, which is as elegant as it is versatile. Or gunmetal, which gives your kitchen an industrial touch. Do you opt for the Fusion tap? Then you can also choose the patinated brass and gold variant.


A Quooker tap with gunmetal finish makes a powerful statement in the kitchen. The shade combines deep dark grey with blue undertones and a subtle sheen. It is bold, masculine, cool and robust. A bold choice!

Rose copper

The new Quooker tap with rose copper finish is like a well-chosen piece of jewellery. Inspired by copper but also tending towards pink, this unique shade brings a warm, timeless sparkle to your kitchen.


Dark colours in the kitchen are becoming increasingly popular. From dark blue and green to evocative black and every shade of grey in between. A black Quooker tap fits perfectly in that picture.


The boiling-water tap is coated with a layer of 24 carat gold and is as stylish as it is practical. A true icon.

Patinated brass

The Fusion and Classic Fusion taps in patinated brass are like a fine wine: give them the time to mature and they just keep getting more and more beautiful. The perfect accessory to make a unique, individual mark in your kitchen.

Cleaning a Quooker tap

We would like to ensure your tap is always kept in the best condition. As every finish requires its own special treatment, we have outlined advice for all the different finishes. You can read our advice here