Most frequent questions

  • What maintenance does a Quooker require? Maintenance

    With the desalinated fresh water suitable for human consumption we have here in UAE, the internal HiTAC® water filter will usually require changing every 3-5 years. The filter can be ordered from our service department and comes with step-by-step instructions to allow you to change it yourself. If you prefer, we can also arrange for one of our engineers to change the filter for you. 

  • Can I change the filter myself? Maintenance

    The HiTAC® filter inside the tank improves the taste of the water. Depending on the quality of the water in your area, the filter is usually changed every 10 years. You can order the filter from our service department via or 800-quooker (7866537). You can either change the filter yourself following the step by step instructions and tools provided with the filter or alternatively we can arrange a service visit by one of our experienced engineers. Please note that the internal HiTAC® filter is not a limescale filter. For more information on how to manage limescale, please refer to the corresponding question in our FAQs.

  • Where can I order parts? Maintenance

    You can order parts through our webshop

    Know that also the following items can be ordered through the webshop:

    • Cold Water Filter replacement cartridges (replacement needed every 12 months for residential clients / every 6 months for commercial clients)
    • CO2 cylinder refill (replacement as per demand)
    • CUBE filter (replacement needed every 12 months)

    If the item you require would not be available on the webshop, you can always contact the Quooker Service team at

    When you contact us, please provide the serial number of your Quooker tank, located on the side of the tank near the top.