Most frequent questions

  • Can I install my Quooker system myself? Installation

    The Quooker system is delivered with installation materials and a clear manual. Follow this carefully for instructions on how to correctly install your Quooker system. 

    The installation guides for all of our tanks and taps can be found here. We also offer instruction videos in which we explain step by step how to install our products. Please ensure you are referring to the guide for the correct tank type. Note that there are two guides for each tank - the standard tank for our standard range of taps and the E tank for use with the Nordic and Fusion range of taps.

  • Can Quookers be installed in any kitchen? Installation

    Quookers can be fitted into new kitchens and also retrofitted into existing ones. All that is required is space for the tank, a cold water supply and waste and a standard 13amp socket under the worktop where the tank will be located.

  • What are the Quooker's dimensions? Installation

    The dimensions of the tanks are as follows:  
    For single taps:      
    Tank height: 40cm 47cm 47cm
    Tank diameter: 15cm 20cm 20cm
    For Twintaps and Fusion:    
    Tank height: 49cm 55cm 55cm
    Tank diameter: 15cm 20cm 20cm
    Diameter tap holes:    
    Quooker boiling water taps: 32 mm  
    Nordic mixer tap & Fusion tap: 35 mm
  • Can the Quooker tank be fitted in a horizontal position? Installation

    No, the Quooker tank must always be fitted in a vertical position. If space is an issue in the cupboard under the sink, the tank can be fitted a maximum of 2m away from the boling-water tap with the help of an extension hose. Extension hoses can be ordered directly from our service department and are available in the following lengths: 30, 60, 100 and 150cm. When ordering, please specify the tap style you have selected as connections vary between our single tap range and the Twintaps and Fusion range.