Most frequent questions

  • Can I install my Quooker myself? Installation

    The Quooker is delivered with installation materials and a clear manual.

  • Can Quookers be installed in any kitchen? Installation

    Quookers can be fitted into new kitchens and also retrofitted into existing ones. All that is required is space for the tank, a cold water supply and waste and a standard 13amp socket under the worktop where the tank will be located.

  • What are the Quooker's dimensions? Installation

    The dimensions of the tanks are as follows:  
    For single taps:      
    Tank height: 40cm 47cm 47cm
    Tank diameter: 15cm 20cm 20cm
    For Twintaps and Fusion:    
    Tank height: 49cm 55cm 55cm
    Tank diameter: 15cm 20cm 20cm
    Diameter tap holes:    
    Quooker boiling water taps: 32 mm  
    Nordic mixer tap & Fusion tap: 35 mm
  • Can the Quooker tank be fitted in a horizontal position? Installation

    No, the Quooker tank must always be fitted in a vertical position. If space is an issue in the cupboard under the sink, the tank can be fitted a maximum of 2m away from the boling-water tap with the help of an extension hose. Extension hoses can be ordered directly from our service department and are available in the following lengths: 30, 60, 100 and 150cm. When ordering, please specify the tap style you have selected as connections vary between our single tap range and the Twintaps and Fusion range.