Most frequent questions

  • My Quooker tap push-and-turn button is getting stuck, what should I do? Troubleshooting

    When too much water and/or detergents are used to clean the Quooker tap, this could cause the mechanism inside the push-and-turn button to rust. As a result, the push-and-turn button will be more difficult to operate and feel like being stuck.

    In order to solve this issue, the push-and-turn button will have to be replaced by one of our technicians. Please contact the Quooker Service Team at (UK customer, please email and attach a video showing the issue you are facing. 

    In order to avoid the same issue from happening again in the future, kindly make sure to follow the cleaning instructions for your Quooker tap, as received at installation and as can be found here

  • I have a Quooker Fusion, how do I dispense boiling water? Troubleshooting

    Our Fusion tap has been fitted with a double-push-and-turn handle for extra safety. To dispense boiling water, press the crenulated handle down twice and then turn it. If this does not work, please make sure that there is power to the socket, the tank is switched on and that the LED cable coming from the tap has been plugged into the back of the tank and is dry. The light on the tank should be fading in and out and the light on the tap should be off or on solid. It will also come on when you touch it.
    If the light on the tap is flashing, please refer to the flashing light section in our FAQ to reset the system.
    Should you require any further assistance, please contact our service team via or 800-Quooker(7866537).