Installation & Maintenance

What are the dimensions of the Quooker tanks?

PRO3 reservoir (3L boiling water tank):
Reservoir height: 47 cm
Reservoir diameter: 15 cm

COMBI reservoir (7L boiling water tank):
Reservoir height: 49 cm
Reservoir diameter: 20 cm

CUBE (chilled water tank):
Reservoir height: 50 cm 
Reservoir width: 22 cm 
Reservoir depth: 34 cm

The CUBE always requires to be attached to a CO2 Cylinder which is 15cm in diameter and 55cm in height.

An overview of all specifications of our boiling water tanks can be found here. An overview of all the Quooker CUBE's specifications can be found here
Curious about the dimensions of the taps? You can find these on the page of the tap of your choice.

Can I install my own Quooker system?

Quooker systems come as a set, including clear instructions and installation materials. 

In our instructional video, we explain the installation to you step by step.

How and when should I maintain a Quooker system?

A Quooker tap needs no preventive maintenance. The moment the water spray becomes less powerful, it indicates limescale. This is usually easily solved by descaling the tap filter (the aerator) of your Quooker tap. Read more about descaling the aerator here. The moment the Quooker tap still does not give an optimal water spray after the tap filter has been cleaned, we advise you to carry out maintenance. 

You can order a maintenance set in our webshop. Based on the serial number of your reservoir, we automatically select the right maintenance set. 
For more information on maintenance, check out our maintenance page.

How do I descale the tap filter/Aerator of the Quooker tap?

 1. Unscrew the metal sleeve at the end of the spout. On the Flex tap, this is the end of the pull out hose and not the metal spout itself. 
 2. Just put the filter in cleaning vinegar for half an hour and rinse off any limescale residue.
 3. Turn the aerator back into place.

Watch the instruction video here

 1. Place the aerator key on the aerator nozzle.
 2. Turn the aerator key anticlockwise to remove the gasket, the aerator and the screw nut from the tap.
 3. Just put the filter in cleaning vinegar for half an hour and rinse off any limescale residue.
 4. Insert the gasket, aerator and the screw nut into the tap. Insert the aerator key into the
 screw nut and turn the aerator key clockwise to install the parts."

Can you install a water softener for your Quooker system?

It is possible to install a water softener for your Quooker system. We do not recommend using the following systems in combination with a Quooker: RO systems, mechanical softening systems and systems that change the PH value of the water (e.g. a reverse osmosis installation). We are happy to help you select the right supplier via

Can I convert a COMBI+ reservoir to a COMBI reservoir?

It is possible to convert a COMBI+ reservoir to a COMBI reservoir without using a conversion kit. A conversion kit is needed to convert from a COMBI reservoir to a COMBI+ reservoir. The conversion kit can be ordered from our webshop.

How do I turn my Quooker system on or off?

Use the switch in the shape of a 'Q' at the top of the reservoir to turn off the Quooker system. Older reservoirs have a switch on the right at the back of the cap, next to the LED cable, to (temporarily) turn off the reservoir.
You can turn off the Quooker CUBE by setting the COLD switch on the back to '0'.

Can a Quooker system be connected to existing connections?

A Quooker system can be installed in any kitchen, whether new or existing. To ensure safe operation, a Quooker tap can only be connected in combination with a Quooker tank. The Quooker Fusion, Flex and Front taps can be mounted without drilling an additional tap hole.

How do I clean my Quooker tap?

It is best to clean the tap by spraying a little window cleaner onto a damp cloth (not directly on the tap) and wipe the tap with this. Drying the tap after use prevents limescale stains.

We strongly discourage the use of other cleaning agents (e.g. anti-scaling agents, abrasives and vinegar) and scouring pads. These can affect the coating of parts and the grease in the tap, which ensures that all parts move smoothly. Click here for all cleaning instructions.