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The 5 most frequent questions

  • How do I register my Quooker?

    You can register the Quooker on our website. If you ever require any assistance with your Quooker just contact our service team via service@quooker.ae or 800-Quooker(7866537) and quote the serial number. This is located on the front of the tank just below the cover.

  • Where can I buy a Quooker?

    If you are purchasing a new kitchen, you can ask your kitchen supplier to order the Quooker for you. You can also contact us on 800-Quooker(7866537).

  • I am renting a property, can I buy a Quooker?

    Even if you are a tenant, you can have a Quooker installed in your home -  and take it with you when you move. Read more about our moving service here.

  • What maintenance does a Quooker require?

    With the desalinated fresh water suitable for human consumption we have here in UAE, the internal HiTAC® water filter will usually require changing every 3-5 years. The filter can be ordered from our service department and comes with step-by-step instructions to allow you to change it yourself. If you prefer, we can also arrange for one of our engineers to change the filter for you. 

  • Can Quookers be installed in any kitchen?

    Quookers can be fitted into new kitchens and also retrofitted into existing ones. All that is required is space for the tank, a cold water supply and waste and a standard 13amp socket under the worktop where the tank will be located.


The Quooker comes with a standard two-year warranty. Register your Quooker to benefit from this warranty, but also to let us help you more efficiently. Let us know the serial number on your tank and the type of tap you have, and we will be able to provide you with the best possible service.


Please contact our service department via our service contact form. We will come back to you within 2-3 working days. For urgent matters, please call 800-QUOOKER

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Please have your Quooker's serial number ready – it is located at the side of the tank near the top.

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Please have your Quooker's serial number ready when you contact us– it is located at the side of the tank near the top.

Opening hours

Sunday - Thursday: 9.00 am - 6.00 pm

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