A Quooker in the workplace: useful and time-saving

Draw boiling water and get straight back to work. With a Quooker in the workplace, every employee gains valuable time every day - not only in the catering kitchen but also behind the bar or certainly in an office full of tea drinkers.

In the hospitality sector

In cafes and restaurants, a Quooker offers convenience hundreds of times a day. Every glass of hot water ordered for tea is ready within seconds. Without the dreaded white layer, which cannot happen because the water comes boiling out of the Quooker. The rush at the espresso machine is over and you never have an empty boiler again. A Quooker also quickly makes itself indispensable in the kitchen. Boiling, poaching and blanching are a piece of cake. 

Suitable for every workplace

From open-plan offices to healthcare facilities, from multi-tenant buildings to multinationals: a lot of tea is drunk in almost every workplace. In all these places, a Quooker can save a lot of time: employees can fill their cups and continue their work immediately. This avoids waiting for the kettle and delays in the pantry. Moreover, unlike the average coffee machine, a Quooker provides pure and filtered water at 100°C.


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