The tap that does it all


A Quooker is pure convenience. It allows you to get 100°C boiling, cold, chilled still & chilled sparkling water directly from tap, all filtered.

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''Getting a Quooker tap has really changed our life! Why? Boiling hot water directly from the tap makes it so easy to prepare pasta, rice, tea or coffee. Additionally, the convenience of having drinking water directly from the tap saves us money and time; No more ordering large packages of bottled water! We also are delighted with the flex tap giving us a useful hose for washing dishes or filling glasses.'' - Ramzi Kiblawi

''I love my Quooker! Makes our lives much more convenient! The filter is also an amazing addition to our tap! No more bulky plastic bottles!'' - Maris Möldre

''Amazing system! Impressive quality of the finished product. Installation technician was very efficient, courteous, and helpful. I wish I had it a long time ago and saved the hassle of shutting bottled water and generated huge amounts of plastic waste. Boiling water on demand is just so convenient and the chilled/sparkling water tastes great. Highly recommend!'' - Hanzi Katrib

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