The benefits of a Quooker

Nothing wrong with the good old electric kettle or whistling kettle. But when you list all the advantages of the Quooker, there's no competition. This is why a Quooker adds so much to your household.

100°C boiling water

100°C boiling water always available. Very useful from early in the morning to just before bedtime. Discover all you can do with a Quooker.

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Filtered chilled and sparkling water

Equipped with a CUBE the Quooker tap provides filtered chilled and sparkling water alongside 100°C boiling, cold and hot water. All from one tap.

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Clean and fresh water

All water dispensed by a Quooker tap is always filtered through NSF approved multistage filters that remove sediment, chlorine, bacteria, pesticides and other contamination which can negatively impact the drinking water. On top of that there is HiTAC active carbon filter in the boiling water tank and a hollow fibre filter in the CUBE to ensure the water is always fresh.

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Rent your home?

Even when you are renting you can get a Quooker! We will install the Quooker in your kitchen and when you are moving, we can come to reinstall your original mixer tap in your old kitchen and reinstall the Quooker in your new house.

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Dutch quality

It started in 1970 in The Netherlands with a simple yet revolutionary idea by Henri Peteri; boiling water from tap. Around the world, his invention is now an indispensable feature of the modern kitchen.

To ensure the highest quality all Quooker products are manufactured in our own factory in the Netherlands and come with a 2 year warranty.

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The safest choice for every household

The question whether a Quooker is 100% safe is totally understandable. Every year, hundreds of people suffer burns from boiling water. Boiling water is a particular hazard for small children. That's why we can't emphasise enough that a Quooker is not just very handy but also an extremely safe choice for every household. That has four important reasons.

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Climate change is upon us and is showing no immediate signs of slowing down. Although it might feel like luxury to have filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling water on tap, a Quooker is a sustainable purchase.

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More space in the kitchen

A Quooker saves precious space on your worktop. The space occupied by a kettle can be freed up to slice, knead and chop. And, you can also finally get rid of that ugly water dispenser! The boiling water tank is compact and doesn’t take up much space, so there’s still usable space under your worktop or in your kitchen cupboard.


If you are interested in a Quooker, please leave us a message. We will contact you within 2-3 business days.