Quooker water taste better

With a Quooker in your home, you can enjoy the best and the most delicious drinking water all day, every day.How is that possible? Two reasons: an active carbon filter in the tank purifies the water. Added to that, the water is ‘boiled through’ because it is stored in the tank at a temperature of 110ºC.

We’ve all experienced it at one time or another. You are sitting at a sidewalk café and you are served water for your tea with a white layer on top. And it doesn’t taste great either. How is that possible? The water was probably never boiled and was only heated to 90.C or 95.C. The boiling water that the Quooker dispenses is always clear and fresh, and it tastes good too. That’s because the water in the tank is heated to 110.C. When you open the tap, the water cools off a little. As soon as the water starts flowing out of the tap, it is boiling (100.C). Due to this process, the calcium in the water changes into a solid substance. You can just drink the undissolved calcium – it’s good for the flavour and good for your bones! If water is not properly boiled, carbon dioxide is left behind in the water and it reacts with the tannin in the tea. And that reaction causes layers of foam.

There is another reason why Quooker water tastes better than ordinary drinking water. Every Quooker tank has an active carbon filter. Drinking water that flows through a carbon filter leaves all the impurities behind on the filter. Those impurities include chlorine, bacteria, pesticides and other pollutants that sometimes occur in drinking water and have a negative effect on the flavour. The carbon filter is located inside the Quooker tank so it is always kept sterile.

Most people will taste the difference straight away!

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