09 June 2015

Quooker launches a unique kitchen appliance that could change the UAE’s water consumption habits

Quooker launches a unique kitchen appliance that could change the UAE’s water consumption habits

Providing instant, filtered and safe-to-drink boiling water, straight from the tap

The UAE is the 9th market the inventor and manufacturer of the boiling water tap enters since foundation in 1987

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, 9th June 2015: Quooker, the filtered boiling water tap, launches today in the UAE. The innovative product is set to revolutionise the way that the UAE consumes water, by bringing a unique offering to kitchens and businesses around the Emirate.

Delivering instant, filtered water, boiled to a temperature of 110⁰C, Quooker purifies local tap water. Its unique concept is safe, energy efficient and designed to reduce costs and environmental waste. Quooker has already made a significant impact in Europe; now the Netherlands-based family business is hoping to provide the same benefits to consumers in the UAE.

Commenting on Quooker’s UAE launch, Mr. Walter Peteri, Co-Owner and son of founder Henri Peteri, Quooker, said:

“We’re very excited with the launch of Quooker in the UAE. Quooker has experienced at least 10% growth year-on-year for the last 10 years. The UAE marks the 9th market that we have entered. The UAE represents a big opportunity for Quooker, both as a market for immediate sales but also in terms of future growth and international expansion, given the UAE’s growing importance as a ‘bridge’ between Europe and countries in Asia and the Far East.”

In 2014, Quooker’s annual turnover was AED168 million, and it’s expected to grow to an annual turnover of over AED200 million in 2015, with up to AED2 million estimated to come from the UAE.

Speaking at Quooker’s official UAE launch, Mr. Jakob Johannsen, Managing Director, Quooker UAE, said:

“Our research gives us every confidence that there is a market here for a product like Quooker. Take tea consumption as an example: the UAE’s consumption last year reached about 7 million kg per annum, with tea being the second most consumed drink in the country, only after water. Between 2010 and 2013, coffee consumption registered growth of 85%[1]. Through Quooker’s unique process, consumers can enjoy high quality water that is safe and well-suited for a wide range of uses – whether making tea and coffee, cooking, drinking or sterilising. We have every expectation that this will be a popular product in the UAE.”

Before the boiling water flows from Quooker’s mixer tap it is stored in a boiler tank underneath the kitchen sink, under pressure, at a temperature of 110°C, eradicating all bacteria and waterborne diseases. The HiTAC® (High Temperature Activated Carbon) water filter contained within the tank purifies the water and keeps it sterile, with the filter effectively removing impurities from tap water for several years.


About Quooker:

Manufacturer Quooker BV is based in Ridderkerk, the Netherlands. Every day over 175 employees contribute to the development, production and marketing of Quooker. We have branches in England, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates. Quooker’s UAE branch (Quooker Emirates LLC) is headquartered in Abu Dhabi, supplying products to customers across the country.

Since the invention of the boiling-water-tap, Quooker has worked to constantly improve its products. This has resulted in the development of high-vacuum insulation, the COMBI, the COMBI+, the Nordic Twintaps and our all-in-one Fusion tap. Innovation, refinement, adaptability and optimization are at the core of our company. For more information, visit www.quooker.ae

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[1] UAE’s tea consumption hits 7m kg per annum: http://www.tradearabia.com/news/MISC_258928.html


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