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Want to know which boiling-water system is best for you? We can help you prepare for your meeting with your Quooker dealer in a few easy steps. It is also possible to print out your choice or email it to yourself as a PDF.

01. Select a tap

Choose a separate boiling-water tap for your existing mixer tap, one of the Nordic TWINTAPS sets for which the Quooker tap and the mixer tap are available in the same design or choose the new Fusion with hot, cold and boiling water from one tap.

Fusion SquareFusion Square
Fusion RoundFusion Round
Classic Fusion SquareClassic Fusion Square
Classic Fusion RoundClassic Fusion Round
Nordic Square TwintapsNordic Square Twintaps
Nordic Round TwintapsNordic Round Twintaps
Nordic Square single tapNordic Square single tap
Nordic Round single tapNordic Round single tap
Classic Nordic Square single tapClassic Nordic Square single tap
Classic Nordic Round single tapClassic Nordic Round single tap
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
02. Select a finish

Quooker taps are available in several finishes. Select a finish available for your selected tap.

    Select a tap

03. Select a tank

With tanks, you can select the PRO-3 or PRO-7 for immediate access to boiling water or the COMBI for immediate access to hot and boiling water. The determining factor is the distance from your kitchen tap to the central heating cylinder. If this is more than 6 metres, select a COMBI.

04. Accessories

To make the set complete, a number of accessories have been developed for the Quooker products, such as soap dispensers in the same design as the Nordic taps and mounting brackets for the various tanks

  • Proceed without accessory
05. View your Choice

Please select one of the options  below.

Price Select a tap and tank first