The Quooker Fusion, is a single tap which unites both mixer and boiling water functions. Convenient, space saving and sleek. Incorporates a childproof double-push-and-turn handle with light ring.


A new timeless classic that will look at home in every country style kitchen. The classic range offers all the same advantages as the familiar Quooker and is available in a new square and round Classic Fusion all in one tap.


Quooker’s Twintaps, our matching boiling-water and mixer taps, are both practical and stylish. The boiling-water tap is height-adjustable.


The Nordic boiling water taps from our Twintaps series are also available separately for combining with your existing mixer tap.


There are two types of Quooker tanks available. The PRO3/7 ensures that you always have access to boiling water, while the COMBI offers both boiling and hot water. Each tank features our patented high-vacuum technology.


We offer a range of accessories to ensure that your Quooker set-up is complete, such as soap dispensers in Nordic design and mounting brackets for all tanks.


Our Cold Water Filter has been designed to allow you to quickly switch from tap water to cold filtered drinking water or upgrade your system with a chiller for chilled and/or sparkling water. Both the Fusion and Flex tap are able to supply filtered water via a single push and turn which, when engaged, will light the tap ring blue. The water passes through one of our two filters, the low-flow (LF) or high-flow (HF) type, with a sediment filter, KDF & activated-carbon to ensure the water tastes and smells better.