CUBE & supplements

  1. CUBE
    With a CUBE, you can now also dispense sparkling and chilled water from the Quooker tap. Including a large cylinder which provides 500 litres of sparkling water, redurcer and installation.
  2. CO2 Refill / Swap Service
    CO2 Refill / Swap Service
    When ordering a CO2 refill/swap, we will exchange your empty CO2 cylinder for a full one. A CO₂ cylinder refill will provide approximately 500 liters of sparkling water.
    AED 290
  3. CUBE filter (HF)
    CUBE filter (HF)
    The CUBE is equipped with an active carbon filter and a hollow fibre filter. Both filters together ensure a better water quality because they filter bacteria, chloride, chemicals and pesticides from the water.
    AED 290