Service shop

  1. Cold Water Filter replacement cartridge Cold Water Filter replacement cartridge
    Replacement cartridge for the Cold Water Filter
    AED 790
  2. CO2 Refill / Swap Service CO2 Refill / Swap Service
    1 cylinder provides 420 litres of sparkling water
    AED 290
  3. CUBE filter (HF) CUBE filter (HF)
    Filter set to enhance water quality
    AED 290
    Provides chilled and sparkling water
  5. Chiller servicing Chiller servicing
    Annual water chiller unit servicing
    AED 290
  6. HiTAC® Filter HiTAC® Filter
    Internal filter for your boiling water tank
    AED 290
  7. Aerator Aerator
    Aerator in the tap nozzle
    From AED 50
  8. Relocation service Relocation service
    We transfer your system to your new residence
    AED 630
  9. Extension hose CUBE Extension hose CUBE
    Extension set for CUBES supplied after August 2022
    AED 150
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